Thursday, January 16, 2014

Low Carbing Among Friends Cookbooks

If you haven't ordered Vol-4 and Vol-5 yet, you are missing out on 2 super cookbooks! I'm excited to announce that a recipe of mine for Chocolate Ice Cream, was published in Vol-4! What a thrill for me to see it in print. Plus, the Color Photo section has a picture of my results. I have changed the sweetener that I use for it, since I mostly use Swerve now. Occasionally I add EZ-Sweetz liquid sweetener, but only a few drops.

Both volumes each have:
- Almost 200 recipes
- 25-30 Color Photos
- They can be ordered as Coil (spiral) bound, or Perfect (softcover) bound
- George Stella (contributing author), 1 Doctor and Friends' recipes
- PLUS 4 other authors:
Vol-4 has Jennifer Eloff, Carolyn Ketchum, Judy Barnes Baker, and Karen Sorenson
Vol-5 has Jennifer Eloff, Maria Emmerich, DJ Foodie, and Lisa Marshall
- Special Foreword by George Stella, our team's coach for these books
- Great medical advice from our Guest Doctors
- A $17.77 base price, Coil-bound optional
- BIG S&H discounts on multiple books